Chamber of Commerce

If you start a company in the Netherlands, you must register your company.  All enterprises and legal entities in the Netherlands must be registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). You can register from one week before your company begins operations until one week afterwards.  

If you are an independent entrepreneur, whether you need to register as a sole proprietorship depends on whether your business satisfies the criteria for an enterprise. If you are not sure whether you need to register your business, then contact your local Chamber of Commerce on 088 585 1 585. Or visit their website.

Are you starting a legal entity, such as a private limited company (bv) or a foundation (stichting)? Then your notary will take care of the registration. 


Would you like to start a one-man business, commercial partnership (vof), limited partnership (cv) or professional partnership (maatschap)? You will have to register in person at a Chamber of Commerce office. Please make an appointment by calling 088 585 1 585. 

To register, you can fill in a registration form. The form states whether you need other documents, such as a rental contract or franchise contract. Other documents you need include a valid identification document, for example your passport or Dutch driving licence. This is also required if you will be accompanying a person who is registering at the Chamber of Commerce, while acting as spokesman or translator/interpreter. 

Does your organisation provide workers? Do you hire out workers? If so, you are obligated to state this in your registration. This requirement applies not only to temp agencies but also to organisations that hire out workers on an occasional basis.  For more information, see also www.kvk/registrationlaw.

Your workers also need to register themselves at City Hall to get a Citizen Service Number (BSN), which you will need in order to pay their salary. 

You are also obligated to register your company in the Trade Register if it is registered in another country and has no offices in the Netherlands, but does provide workers in the Netherlands.