Highly Skilled Migrant

A highly skilled migrant or ‘knowledge migrant’ is a person who comes to the Netherlands on an employment contract and who earns sufficient long-term income. The highly skilled migrant procedure is the easiest way to hire an employee from outside the EU. 

The process to hire a highly skilled migrant is much faster, since the employer (recognised sponsor) is not required to be in possession of a work permit for the employee. The IND aims to approve the application within 2 weeks. 

Family members of highly skilled migrants may also receive the accelerated formalities services. Family members in this context are defined as spouses, registered partners, unmarried partners, and any minor children.  

The website of the Dutch immigration authorities (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, IND) lists all the conditions a foreign national has to fulfil in order to become a highly skilled migrant, the exact steps you have to take, and the costs an employer incurs in order to hire a highly skilled migrant.  

The application form is available here.