Recognised Sponsor

Are you an employer that wants to hire highly skilled migrants, students and/or scientific researchers? Then you have to register as a ‘recognised sponsor’ with the IND.  

In order to become recognised as a sponsor, your company must be a reliable partner for the Dutch immigration authorities (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, IND). Recognised sponsors can make use of a fast-track application procedure for residence permits for their employees. The IND can reach a decision on an application within 2 weeks; if a work permit is required, the decision will be made within 7 weeks. Furthermore, the employer does not need to provide as much documentary evidence. Often a personal statement is sufficient. Once your organisation has been recognized, it will be entered in the Public Register for Recognised Sponsors.   

The IND site offers a brochure about the sponsorship application process and an overview that explains which conditions you have to fulfil and what steps you have to take in order to become a recognised sponsor. 

Becoming a recognised sponsor involves certain costs. You pay an application fee as an organisation and an additional fee for every highly skilled migrant who will start working for you. There is a reduced fee for small businesses who have less than 50 employees.  

If your company decides to become a recognised sponsor, you will need to complete this application form